Wednesday Wine Club Night – Tinto Tapas Bar in Largs

The launch of the wine club night has been increasingly popular since its first night in July. We intend to launch a wine club night each month for customers to taste new wines, with an impressive set menu to accompany. These nights were introduced for

Wine Tasting

We have recently been tasting wine to add to the collection we already offer in Tinto. It is important to us that the wine we offer compliments our food. After trying an abundance of wine with our specialist supplier, the ones we have decided to

Tinto’s Espresso Martini

Vodka Tia Maria Licor 43 1 Shot coffee Chocolate powder Coffee beans How to make : Step 1 Take a Martini glass, fill with ice and soda. Leave to chill. Step 2 Take 25ml vodka, 12.5ml Tia Maria, 12.5ml Licor 43 and your shot of coffee and pour it all into your Boston shaker. Step 3 Shake

Zombie Brain Haemorrhage

Create this easy, effective and freaky looking shot for your Halloween night and guests will be left wondering…what did I just drink? Fun and creepy, this shot creates a distinct texture and taste in your mouth however perfectly delicious to contribute to your night. 12.5 oz.