Wine Tasting

We have recently been tasting wine to add to the collection we already offer in Tinto. It is important to us that the wine we offer compliments our food. After trying an abundance of wine with our specialist supplier, the ones we have decided to introduce and

add to our extensive list are:-

  1. Castillo Perellada Pescador Blanc N.V.
    • Origin: Penedés, in the North of spain.
    • Grape variety: Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parallada. It is similar to cava, a slight fizz and refreshing taste. It is perfectly drank with fish in the summer.
  1. Vinas del Vero Gewurtztraminer
    • Origin: Somontano
    • Grape variety: Gewurztraminer.
  1. Bodegas Aizpurua Txakoli
    • Origin: Basque
    • Grape: Txakoli. This wine has notes of a lime, offers a punchy taste and good for heavy garlic dishes.
  1. Goru Monastrell
    • Origin: Jumilla
    • Grape: Monastrell. This wine has notes of pepper, sweet hints, cosy/rich, initially a light taste leads to heavy flavour. This wine is ideal with grilled meats.
  1. Red Boar Bobal
    • Origin: Valencia
    • Grape: Bobal. The notes include hints of blackcurrant, non acidic and non complicated flavours. This wine essentially speaks for itself.

Hopefully you will enjoy these wines with the tapas we offer to ensure that your experience in Tinto will take you to Spain.