Tinto’s Espresso Martini

Tia Maria
Licor 43
1 Shot coffee
Chocolate powder
Coffee beans

How to make :

Step 1

Take a Martini glass, fill with ice and soda. Leave to chill.

Step 2

Take 25ml vodka, 12.5ml Tia Maria, 12.5ml Licor 43 and your shot of coffee and pour it all into your Boston shaker.

Step 3

Shake well for 12-15 seconds insuring you give the coffee time to foam in the shaker.

Step 4

Empty the ice and soda out of the martini glass and begin to slowly strain the cocktail into the glass.

Step 5

Let the Espresso Martini settle, you should have two clear layers at this point. Dust your chocolate powder over the top and add your coffee beans.

Step 6