Wednesday Wine Club Night – Tinto Tapas Bar in Largs

The launch of the wine club night has been increasingly popular since its first night in July. We intend to launch a wine club night each month for customers to taste new wines, with an impressive set menu to accompany. These nights were introduced for the wine lovers, for customers to learn and be able to buy wines on the night that they enjoyed at a discounted price. A representative from one of our top suppliers, hosts these nights by providing information about the wines, presents and talks customers through a journey of exquisite flavours from the wine that compliment each different dish served.
Each time, we try to introduce a new theme with different wines and food, one theme that was popular was ‘wines from around the world,’ we featured wine all over the world, from an Australian spicy, warm, full bodied red wine, we paired this with a slow cooked melt in the mouth lamb shoulder. We also promoted an English sparkling wine served with pata negra (Iberian pig’s leg) and salted padron peppers. Whilst this is just an example of the pairings presented that night, the rest were equally enjoyed, with an image of this menu included below. The wine club demonstrates to diners the best wine to pair with food that enhance the taste.
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