The History Behind Our New Menus

Trips to rural Spain has inspired new dishes on our Menu A La Carta and Menu Del Dia. After learning about the Iberian Peninsula (where most spices were brought to from distant countries), the thirteenth century crusaders and that spices have ultimately been around for centuries.

The Islamic Moors conquered the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) in 711, bringing with them culture, art, language and of course cuisine. Whilst being infatuated with spices, the Moors experimented with spices such as cumin, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg and mint. They are also responsible for the word ‘rice’ and grew it in the lakes of Valencia. The growing of saffron took place after to compliment the rice, which has created a timeless Spanish dish – paella.

Using the Moors spices in cooking infuses food with a history of taste, culture and history. A new tapas on the menu, Cordero is spiced braised lamb ‘Moor style’ which is homage to the historical spices brought to Spain cooked with the lamb to enhance the spices and season the meat. The Empanada which is a traditional homemade pastry was introduced to Spain during the Moorish invasions and is a new additional to the menu. Estofado de Garbanzos is a stew of chickpeas and roast vegetables enhanced with these authentic spices, combining rustic and traditional flavours. These tapas are new on the menus along with others waiting for you to discover.