A pintxo is a popular Basque style of eating which is mainly eaten in bars across Spain. It originated from San Sebastián as bars and restaurants wanted to give out miniature versions of their dishes as a taster.

Traditionally, they are small pieces of crusty bread topped with various different ingredients. This can range from very basic to elaborate ingredients including Spanish tortilla, cheese, croquettes or anything that can be placed on top of the bread and pierced together with a toothpick. The only difference between a pintxo and tapas, is the simple toothpick or skewer used to keep the ingredients together, tapas is normally served in a dish while ingredients sit on the bread as a pintxo.

In Pintxo bars, customers can help themselves to as many as they want and after, waiters will count the amount of sticks left over and charge accordingly. They strongly relate to social situations as they are normally consumed amongst friends and family, which is part of the Spanish culture.