Brindisa Ham School

After being invited to London by one of our suppliers, Brindisa, we were taken to their Ham School in Borough Market to be taught about the different hams and how to cut the pata negra from the Iberian pig. The Iberian pig’s leg is  sometimes stocked as a Special, you will see this sitting in the restaurant ready to be cut. 

The Ham Expert taught us about the drying and salt process for the ham, how it is prepared and sherry/ wine commonly drank with the pata negra. We tasted different varieties of jamon, cut with a foot long cuchillo jamonero which is a special knife to cut the ham with. We all had the chance to cut the ham and bring our experiences back to Tinto! 

The different hams we tried were from different parts of Spain from the South West, Extremadura and to Cataluña in the North. The experience allowed us to try Serrano ham to acorn-fed Ibérico, the distinctive flavours of each ham allowed us to choose the right taste for Tinto. 

After being able to carve the ham ourselves, we could take the ham home with us. An excellent experience learning about the ham and how to cut it to a professional standard, whilst getting the most out of the Iberian pig’s leg. Staff were able to learn the benefits of eating the Spanish delicacy and skills for cutting, which can be used within Tinto whilst teaching customers about the famous black pig. 

Look out for Pata Negra on our Specials Board!