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Breakfast Menu

Heuvos£5.00 (V)
Scrambled eggs on buttered toast


Huevos Rancheros£6.50
Scrambled eggs, Spanish black pudding, serrano ham and chorizo on 2 slices of buttered toast


Croque Senor£5.50
French Style toast filled with Serrano ham 
and manchego cheese glaze


Croque Senorita£5.50 (V)
French Style toast filled with tomatoes and cheese glaze


Garbanzos£5.00 (V)
Spiced vegetables and chickpea stew with baked eggs and toast


Tortilla Frances£5.50 (GF)
Flat omelette with Serrano ham, chorizo, morcilla and potato


Tortilla Verduras£5.50 (V) (GF)
Flat omelette with roast peppers, onions, potatoes, peas and cheese


Tortitta£5.50 (V)
2 warm crepes with banana and Spanish honey or Nutella


Arroz Con Gambas£6.00(V) (GF)
Fried saffron rice with prawns topped with a soft fried duck egg


Carne£9.00 (GF)
Fried potatoes and peppers, minute fillet steak topped with fried duck egg


Plato Grande£7.50
Full Scottish – 2 pork links, 2 smoked bacon rashers, tomato, potato scone, beans, m Spanish black pudding, fried or scrambled eggs and toast


Plato Pequeno£5.50
Mini Scottish – 1 link sausage, 1 smoked bacon rasher, tomato, potato scone, fried or scrambled egg and toast


Morning Churros£3.50 (V)
Deep fried Spanish doughnuts with warm chocolate sauce 


Tinto Fizz£5.00
Orange juice  topped with cava


Morning Mar£6.00
Traditional Bloody Mary with a touch of Tio Pepe


It is important that our staff be informed of any of your allergies. Service charge not included, all prices are inclusive of VAT. Some dishes may contain nuts or traces of nuts. To the best of our knowledge, no dishes contain GM Modified Foods. (GF) = Gluten Free, (V) = Vegetarian, (VG) = Vegan