Wine Tasting

We have recently been tasting wine to add to the collection we already offer in Tinto. It is important to us that the wine we offer compliments our food. After trying an abundance of wine with our specialist supplier, the ones we have decided to introduce and Continue reading

How to make Tortilla Español (Spanish Omelette)


10-12 Potatoes
2 white onions
15 eggs


  • Peel potatoes, thinly slice them, fry them at 140 until they are cooked through
  • Peel and thinly slice 2 white onions, cook on a low heat, careful not to put too much colour on them, cook until soft
  • Chuck it all in a bowl with on average 15 eggs, salt, pepper
  • Heat a pan until it smokes, add oil, take the pan off the heat, leave to cool for a couple of minutes
  • Mash up the mix so it all combines
  • Pour it into the pan, being careful it hasn’t stuck
  • Put foil over the exposed side
  • Put it in the oven, 200 degrees for 40 minutes
  • Flip it out onto a tray, leave to cool, then slice

You can also do smaller ones if you scale down the ingredients and use a smaller pan!

The Student Spanish Experience

We have been to St Charles Primary School in Cambuslang to let children enjoy a taste of Spain! Some of the dishes loved by primary 4 and 5 pupils included different selections of paella, Spanish tortilla, Serrano ham, calamares and chorizo. Pupils understanding of Spanish culture was enhanced whilst being served these dishes. This also increased their knowledge in their food technology project as they learned how to cook different food from around the world.
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A pintxo is a popular Basque style of eating which is mainly eaten in bars across Spain. It originated from San Sebastián as bars and restaurants wanted to give out miniature versions of their dishes as a taster.
Traditionally, they are small pieces of crusty bread topped with various different ingredients. This can range from very basic to elaborate ingredients including Spanish tortilla, cheese, croquettes or anything that can be placed on top of the bread and pierced together with a toothpick. Continue reading

St Valentine’s

Valentines Day in Spain

Spain is already renowned for its romantic beaches, charming scenery and spectacular dining. So Valentines Day is not more romantic than any other day of the year. Carnival season is well underway at this time of year with street parties, incredible costumes and street celebrations, ideal for families celebrating Valentine’s Day together. However, if you are visiting Spain as a couple and want to dine out, it is required to book a restaurant in advance as romantic restaurants in Spain are booked weeks before the special day. Fresh flowers will also be stocked up in every shop and stall ready to be given to a loved one as this is a popular and typical gift in Spain to give on Valentine’s Day. If you’re more of an explorer, book Barcelona for the impressive monuments, beaches and glorious sunsets that you and a loved one can enjoy together. Lovers of wine can go to La Rioja which is famous for their red wine, so relax in a vineyard, take in the breathtaking scenery whilst sipping this traditional Spanish beverage until your hearts content. Continue reading

The history behind our new menus

Trips to rural Spain has inspired new dishes on our Menu A La Carta and Menu Del Dia. After learning about the Iberian Peninsula (where most spices were brought to from distant countries), the thirteenth century crusaders and that spices have ultimately been around for centuries.

The Islamic Moors conquered the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) in 711, bringing with them culture, art, language and of course cuisine. Whilst being infatuated with spices, the Moors experimented with spices such as cumin, cinnamon, anise, nutmeg and mint. They are also responsible for the word ‘rice’ and grew it in the lakes of Valencia. The growing of saffron took place after to compliment the rice, which has created a timeless Spanish dish – paella. Continue reading

Halloween in Spain

The Spanish Halloween is celebrated in 3 days. Starting with el Dia de las Brujas (Day of the Witches). Then, Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) and finally Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the dead) on November 2nd. In Spain these days are about honouring deceased loved ones and celebrating life. Whilst children dress up, there are exciting events in restaurants, bars and clubs for the adults. Continue reading

Zombie Brain Haemorrhage

Create this easy, effective and freaky looking shot for your Halloween night and guests will be left wondering…what did I just drink? Fun and creepy, this shot creates a distinct texture and taste in your mouth however perfectly delicious to contribute to your night.

12.5 oz. Peach Schnapps
12.5 oz. Bailey’s
Few drops of grenadine

Pour the Peach Schnapps into the bottom of your shot glass and layer with the Baileys. Add a few drops of grenadine, which will allow the Bailey’s to sink into the Peach Schnapps. This creates the blood curdling brain effect. Happy Halloween!


On our Travels

We have been touring Spain to source the freshest ingredients, mouthwatering tastes and to stretch your Spanish food and drink palates even further. We were at Fernando de Castilla en Jerez, tasting multiple brandy and sherry options. We shared a lunch with the owner of the Sherry Bodega, tasting authentic and local jamón, manchego cheese and veal.

This trip has expanded our knowledge and sparked inspiration for a new Menu Del Dia, and changes to the A La Carta menu. These will be finalised in the next couple of weeks along with the release of our Festive menus.

Pictured here with Jan Petersen (owner and great host) at the Fernando de Castilla Sherry Bodega.