Zombie Brain Haemorrhage

Create this easy, effective and freaky looking shot for your Halloween night and guests will be left wondering…what did I just drink? Fun and creepy, this shot creates a distinct texture and taste in your mouth however perfectly delicious to contribute to your night.

12.5 oz. Peach Schnapps
12.5 oz. Bailey’s
Few drops of grenadine

Pour the Peach Schnapps into the bottom of your shot glass and layer with the Baileys. Add a few drops of grenadine, which will allow the Bailey’s to sink into the Peach Schnapps. This creates the blood curdling brain effect. Happy Halloween!


On our Travels

We have been touring Spain to source the freshest ingredients, mouthwatering tastes and to stretch your Spanish food and drink palates even further. We were at Fernando de Castilla en Jerez, tasting multiple brandy and sherry options. We shared a lunch with the owner of the Sherry Bodega, tasting authentic and local jamón, manchego cheese and veal.

This trip has expanded our knowledge and sparked inspiration for a new Menu Del Dia, and changes to the A La Carta menu. These will be finalised in the next couple of weeks along with the release of our Festive menus.

Pictured here with Jan Petersen (owner and great host) at the Fernando de Castilla Sherry Bodega.