Meet our Chef Graeme

We have a new chef joining the Tinto team, meet Graeme.

Get to know who is cooking your tapas with the interesting facts and information about our new chef in this blog post and information below.


Favourite dish from A La Carte menu – pollo chorizo, I love this Spanish ingredient (chorizo) the taste and cooking with it, it adds so much flavour to dishes that makes them truly authentic.


Favourite Spanish phrase dos cerveza por favor (2 beers please)


Job experience – Haylie house hotel, Inverclyde sports club, Scott’s


Describe yourself in 3 words – easy going, hardworking, motivated


What got you in to cooking and chef industry ?

My mum influenced me when I was younger as she was such a good cook at home. My first job also made my interest in becoming a chef even stronger, from working in a chippy I learned the basic skills  then working my up and learning new abilities to be able to work in a more established restaurant. I’ve trained at a Food Tech college but I am more efficient learning on my own.


Advice for new chefs in the industry 

Watch and learn from every thing that experienced chefs do in the kitchen, write recipes down and learn from your mistakes. Do not take these moments for granted, and always ask questions.