Sopa / Soups

Gazpacho Homemade classic chilled soup (GF) £3.50


Pan Pedro 2 slices toasted garlic bread with roast plum tomato & crumbled goats cheese £3.25
Pan Mixto Mixed bread with sherry vinegar & olive oil or garlic mayonnaise      £2.10
Pan Catalan 2 slices toasted bread brushed with garlic olive oil and tomato £2.95
Pan Serrano 2 slices toasted garlic bread topped with Serrano ham and Manchego cheese £3.50
Pan plano de tomate y jamón Home baked flat bread, with tomato, cheese, Serrano ham, chorizo & peppers £3.95

Ensalada / Salads

Ensalada Mixta Chopped mixed seasonal salad dressed in vinaigrette (GF) £3.75
Ensalada Rusa Potato salad & vegetables in a light mayonnaise dressing (GF) £3.95
Ensalada Tinto Dresses mixed leaves goats cheese, walnuts, celery and apple (GF) £3.95
Mojama de Atún Delicacy of air dried tuna with orange rocket salad.                (GF) £4.95
Ensalada Pollo Mixed leaves with diced chicken, crispy Serrano ham, croutons, bound in light mayonnaise, with Manchego cheese shavings topped with anchovies £4.95
Higos con Jamón Warm toasted figs wrapped with Serrano ham with honey and almonds (G/F) £4.95
Paté de hígado de pollo Homemade chicken liver pate, PX sherry, Serrano ham, sweet onion with toast £4.50

Aves de Corral Poultry / Game Dishes

Pollo y Chorizo Chicken Breast sliced & topped with chorizo and Manchego cheese with tomato sauce (GF) £4.95
Pollo Croquetas Homemade chicken croquettes £4.95
Pollo Rebozado Breast of chicken strips in a sweet smoked paprika batter & garlic mayonnaise £4.95
Pincho de Pollo con pimiento Char grilled skewered peppers & chicken breast marinated in smoked con pimiento paprika, chilli and lime (GF) £4.95
Pollo y Serrano Panfried chicken strips in white wine with Serrano ham, peas, garlic cream(GF) £4.95
Empandilla Puff pastry filled with chicken and mushroom in a white sauce £4.95
Conejo Estofado Braised rabbit in a traditional almond sauce £4.95

Del Mar /  From the Sea

Boquerones Fresh marinated anchovies (GF) £3.50
Calamares Fresh squid in herb flour deep fried served with ajillo £4.95
Gambas pil pil King prawns with chillies & garlic oil (GF) £4.95
Bacalao Pan fried salt cod with chorizo and black pudding £4.95
Langostinos King Prawns deep fried in a smoked paprika batter served with ajillo £5.25
Mejillones Mussels in smoked paprika cream or spicy tomato sauce (GF) £5.50
Cazuela de Mariscos Traditional spiced mixed seafood casserole (GF) £4.95
Tortas de Cangrejo Homemade crab cakes, coriander & lime served with spicy mojo sauce £4.75
Pulpo Gallega Caramelised octopus, saffron potatoes with smoked paprika (GF) £4.95

De La Granja / From the Farm

Chorizo Fritto Spanish Chorizo in red wine, onions and a touch of tomato (GF) £4.95
Albondigas Homemade Pork & Beef meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce £4.95
Tabla de Embutidos Mixed Spanish meat board with cheese and olives (GF) £7.95
Morcilla Braised Spanish black pudding with apple and onion chutney £4.75
Carne de Ternera Flash fried beef strips with garlic and chilli and red onion (GF) £5.25
Negra Ribs Pork Ribs from the famous black pig (GF) £5.25
Estofado Carne Braised steak, shallots in a rioja wine sauce £5.25
Morcilla de patata chistora Thin fried potatoes with chistora, Iberian black pudding topped with a duck egg £5.75
Hamburguesas Tinto Mini hamburgers 1) chorizo and roast pepper 2) beef with caramelised onion and cheese £5.50
Butifarra Own recipe Spanish sausage wrapped in steak with onions in a pepper sauce £5.50
Flamenquin Cordobes Iberian pork, bread crumbed stuffed with Serrano ham, peppers &smoked cheese £5.75
Pintxos de Cerdo Carmelised pulled pork cheek served on Galaterian rustic bread £5.25
Fabada Smoked ham, pork belly, chorizo and bean stew with morcilla £4.95

Vegetarianos / Vegetarian Option

Aceitunas Mixtas Selection of marinated Spanish olives (GF) £3.50
Hummus Homemade hummus with batons of vegetables served with warm flat bread £4.50
Queso Mahoun Bread crumbed fried cheese with mojo dip £4.25
Patatas Bravas Crisp fried potatoes with a spicy tomato mayonnaise (GF) £3.50
Berenjena Aubergine fritters and Spanish honey £4.25
Tortilla Español Spanish omelette with potato and onion (GF) £4.25
Queso de Cabra Baked goats cheese with red onion chutney and rocket salad (GF) £4.95
Patata y Queso Sliced potatoes cooked with cream, garlic and cheese (GF) £3.95
Champinon Flat cap mushroom stuffed with four cheeses, white sauce with herb crust £4.50
Crepe de Verduras Home made pancake stuffed with roast vegetables £4.50

Paella for 2 or more

Paella de Marisco Mixed seafood with lemon (GF) £21.00
Paella de Tinto Chicken, chorizo with mixed vegetables (GF) £21.00
Paella de Verduras Seasonal vegetables (GF) £19.95
Paella Valenciana Fresh chicken pieces and mixed seafood (GF) £21.00
Paella del Dia Chef’s paella of the day (GF) £21.00
Paella Carne Mixta A mixture of chicken, chorizo, pork and beef (GF) £21.00

El Postres / Pastries

Crema Catalana Traditional sweet cream topped with caramel (GF) £5.50
Tarta de Queso Homemade fruit cheesecake in season £5.50
Tortita Warm pancakes, saffron syrup, strawberry & Mascarpone ice-cream £5.25
Helados mixtos Selection of dairy iced creams & sorbets (GF) £5.25
Tinto Tinto Vanilla and chocolate ice cream homemade tablet pieces with fresh whipped cream and hot fudge sauce (GF) £5.25
Postre del dia Hot dessert of the day £4.95
Fondue de Chocolate Chocolate fondue for two or more people with fruit and churros £9.95
Tarta de Santiago Famous Spanish almond tart £4.75
Churros Spanish doughnuts with dipping hot chocolate £4.95
Tabla de Queso A selection of Spanish cheese served on a board with figs and menbrillo £7.95


Solo Strong espresso coffee £2.00
Cappuccino Espresso with hot milk and topped with chocolate. £2.35
Cortado Espresso coffee with a dash of milk £2.00
De leche y leche Coffee with condensed milk and hot milk £2.95
Carajillo Espresso coffee and a dash of brandy £3.75
Americano Black coffee £2.00
Café con licor Coffee with a measure of liqueur topped with cream £5.50
Chocolate caliente Hot chocolate £2.95
La Bumba Coffee with condensed milk, hot milk and a shot of liqueur 43 £4.50
Selection of tea Selection of English and herbal teas £2.25
Chipito Tinto House shot of the day £2.75
Bandito Hot chocolate with shot of brandy and whipped cream £5.50
Look out for our specials of the day on the black board It is important that our staff are informed of any of your allergies Service charge not included, all prices are inclusive of VAT. Some dishes may contain nuts or traces of nuts. To our knowledge, no dishes contain GM Modified Foods

*GF=Gluten Free